Welcome to the website of Kenny Bingham, Representative for S.C. House District 89 and S.C. House Majority Leader.  

It is my privelege and honor to represent the great people of this district.  During my nine years in office, our community, our state, our nation–and yes, even our world–have undergone significant changes.  It is in stressful times such as these that steady, dedicated leadership is required of elected officials.  I am proud to say that I have worked hard to fulfill the promises I made when elected me the Representative for District 89. 

This year, I was unanimously elected by my Republican colleagues in the South Carolina House of Representatives to the post of House Majority Leader.  To be selected to serve in this position is a tremendous honor.  Most importantly, this new leadership role will enable me to be more effective representing our community in State government.

I’ve always believed good government requires close and regular communications between citizens and those they place in positions of public trust.  I hope that this website will be a valuable tool in helping me to stay in contact with you.  My job is to represent you and to do all I can to serve our community well in the halls of State government.  I thank you for the honor of representing you.

Kenny Sig