Since you elected me, I’ve voted to cut taxes on homes, incomes, groceries and small businesses. I didn’t vote that way because it was good politics, I voted that way because cutting taxes makes it easier for families to prosper and businesses to thrive. Plus, lowering your tax burden creates economic growth, which in turn creates more revenue to pay for those core functions government ought to provide. We’ve made strides over the last few years to become more competitive on taxes, but there’s a lot of work left to be done. That’s why I will continue to push for tax cuts that let families and businesses keep more of what they earn.


Like you, I’m frustrated whenever I see taxpayer dollars wasted on things we don’t need. As a member of the House Ways & Means committee, which drafts our state’s spending plan, I helped write a balanced budget that provided tax relief while funding our state’s core needs. I have also consistently worked with Gov. Mark Sanford to eliminate millions of dollars in wasteful spending.

Economic Development

District 89 is one of South Carolina’s most prosperous areas economically, with job growth, capital investment and personal income levels that exceed the state average. I’m committed to building on that prosperity without losing the sense of community that defines us, which is why I have consistently supported pro-business reforms as well as smart growth legislation that gives local communities the tools they need to fight sprawl and over-development.


Thanks to the hard work of our students, parents and teachers, Lexington County’s public schools rank among the very best in our nation. Just as I did when I served as your School Board Chairman, I’m going to continue working to make sure our public education system has the resources it needs, while at the same time encouraging accountability and more choices for parents – especially in parts of South Carolina where failing schools hurt our entire state’s ability to compete. I believe we have a moral obligation and a powerful economic development incentive to make sure every public school in South Carolina is as good as our schools are here in Lexington.


It’s simply impossible for a government structure that was created for a 19th Century world to effectively (and efficiently) serve taxpayers in the 21st Century. Our state must modernize its government, not just because it will save us money, but because it will allow us to better meet your needs.